As an early Christmas gift, the Piper and I gifted ourselves with a new smoker. We live in a hard wood forest, every other tree is a hickory, so we opted for a wood fired smoker as opposed to electric or propane. This is our first run, and as we have found with most other  … More

The Much Maligned Lima Bean

Baked Lima Beans
Baked Lima Beans

Have you noticed that there are certain foods that people either love or hate? There is no grey area in their regard. Think of-mushrooms, black licorice, liver, Brussels sprouts, or stinky cheese. Lima beans fall in that category. My daughters and I LOVE Limas, the girls have since they were tiny gourmets … More

Seduction by Tomato-and Staying Safe

I didn’t want to do it. We could certainly do without canned tomatoes this winter. I have 12 cans of crushed tomatoes from the grocery store-that’s plenty for the Piper and I. Then one Saturday morning Darling Daughter grabs me and takes me to the Farmers Market and the best little farm stand ever.

I … More

Puttin’ Up Basil

Puttin' Up Basil
Puttin’ Up Basil

Puttin’ up basil is one of the simplest most aromatic end o’ summer jobs. I go out to my four basil plants early in the morning, and take all of the perfect leaves those babies have to offer. I ask you-does anything smell as good as fresh picked basil?

It is simply … More

Good Morning Retirement!

I may have mentioned before that the mornings begin differently when you are retired. Your core routine is shaken. You struggle to build a newer more comfortable way to get through your days. You must allow a small amount of structure to your retirement days, otherwise you could find yourself laying on the sofa in … More

Dear Mayonnaise-Not Today Part 2

Cucumber Salad

There has been a bumper crop of Straight Eight Cucumbers Out Here in the Pasture.

Back in the 1950’s my mother would smother sliced cucumbers and onions in Miracle Whip. I thought I hated cucumbers! As a new wife, living in Germany, I discovered the beauty of a cucumber salad dressed with vinegar-big improvement.

The … More

Everyday is Saturday


Carrollton Farmer's Market

Ahh, Saturday! To those of you who are trying to make the big decision about whether or not to retire, the Piper and I beseech you to consider this one little thing-


Waking up in the morning is the strangest adjustment to being retired. It takes months to retrain … More

Dear Mayonnaise-Not Today!

Some days it is just toooooo hot to mess with a full blown meal. My solution is to make a salad a couple mornings a week, and leave them in the fridge for lunch or supper. I have a  list of summer salads (other than the ever-present green salads) that I rotate through every summer. … More

Motorhome Makeover-Late June Update

We have finally gotten rolling on the Motorhome Makeover again. Of course we picked the week that heralded 90 degree temperatures and the Brexit. Watching your retirement account plummet while sweatin’ your girdle off is just plain discouraging.


This hot mess (see what I did there? It’s hot and this is a mess.) is my … More

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