Our Gift to You-Hygge

Our gift to you is something that you already have. Hyyge. This is a Danish word that almost defies definition. Pronounced “hooga”, it is  as hard to say as to define. Directly translated it might be closest to say that Hyyge means “coziness” or “well-being”. I read a book about this last year,

Winter is Coming

First Fire of the Season November10th
First Fire of the Season November10th

I saw the funniest meme on Facebook the other day. It said: Does anyone else wait until the last minute to turn the heat on in the autumn?. And yes, that would be us. We first add thicker socks and a long sleeved shirt, then add a sweater or … More

Everyone Poops

Rubber Booted Manure Movin' Machine
Rubber Booted Manure Movin’ Machine

We are all adults here-some of us more recognizable as such-than others. We know that what goes in must come out the other end. We taught our children the same- some of us even used a book titled similarly to this blog post. What some of us didn’t know is … More



As an early Christmas gift, the Piper and I gifted ourselves with a new smoker. We live in a hard wood forest, every other tree is a hickory, so we opted for a wood fired smoker as opposed to electric or propane. This is our first run, and as we have found with most other  … More

The Much Maligned Lima Bean

Baked Lima Beans
Baked Lima Beans

Have you noticed that there are certain foods that people either love or hate? There is no grey area in their regard. Think of-mushrooms, black licorice, liver, Brussels sprouts, or stinky cheese. Lima beans fall in that category. My daughters and I LOVE Limas, the girls have since they were tiny gourmets … More

Seduction by Tomato-and Staying Safe

I didn’t want to do it. We could certainly do without canned tomatoes this winter. I have 12 cans of crushed tomatoes from the grocery store-that’s plenty for the Piper and I. Then one Saturday morning Darling Daughter grabs me and takes me to the Farmers Market and the best little farm stand ever.

I … More

Puttin’ Up Basil

Puttin' Up Basil
Puttin’ Up Basil

Puttin’ up basil is one of the simplest most aromatic end o’ summer jobs. I go out to my four basil plants early in the morning, and take all of the perfect leaves those babies have to offer. I ask you-does anything smell as good as fresh picked basil?

It is simply … More

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