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May 2015, Page 2


We were deeply disappointed earlier this week when the hatchery called and said they would not be able to provide us with the peeps we had ordered 3 months previously. We had planned a field trip to the hatchery! We decided that we would take a look at what the local feed stores had to

Art Journal 3

Farm Art Journal

In celebration of the beginning of Morel Season here at the Pasture (see May 1, 2015 post), I created this journal page. I squirrel away quotes like some women collect diamonds. This quote really spoke to me on several levels. Is it just about mushrooms, or is it a metaphor for other … More

The Hunt is On-Magical Morels


It’s that special time of year-Magical Morel Mushrooms will soon be popping up out here in Ohio. These photos are from a few years ago-a really good year for the Hunt. Our season is a little later than some, as we are down in the hollows at the western end of the Appalachian Mountains. The … More

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