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June 2015

Hummingbird Love


Hummingbird Love
Hummingbird Love

We are not professional photographers. I just need to say that right out front, because these pictures are not National Geographic contenders. But they are quite amazing to us.

Hummingbirds The Approach
The Approach

As we are on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains, we only see one  variety of hummingbirds-the Ruby Throated.… More

Bookmobile Tiny House-The Design Stage


Bookmobile Tiny Home
Bookmobile Tiny Home


We know that the best way to make the gods laugh – is to have a plan. So, again to reference one of our favorite movies-Pirates of the Caribbean -we have established something that is more like a guideline- than a plan.  The bathroom-consisting of tub/shower and … More

Farm Art Journal #6-An Epiphany

Farm Art Journal #6
Farm Art Journal #6

I was on Pinterest again-so what’s new? I came across a quote that someone who has also lived my life had to have made. Curious how that happened. I read it-and the cartoon light bulb over my head just flashed on-really bright- like one of those Christmas Light Crazed people’s holiday … More

Bookmobile Tiny Home Adventure

The newest generation of adults has spawned a different way of looking at home and shelter- The Tiny House Movement. Our daughter Caryn is going to join this movement. Her plan is to convert a recently purchased Bookmobile into her dream home. It is a big task with a to-do list a mile long.… More

A Little Tease-Upcoming Project

I mentioned on Facebook that we have a really large, really cool, really green project to get started out here in the Pasture. This is just a little teaser photo to whet your interest. I will reveal that this has to do with our youngest daughter, Caryn, the 30something, amazingly beautiful, free spirit who will … More

Farm Art Journal #5- Heartache & Solace on the Homestead

Farm Art Journal #
Farm Art Journal #5
Farm Art Journal #5
Farm Art Journal #5

This journal page has two prompts behind it. First, I have been having a tough time being cheerful lately, and I wanted to remind myself to keep looking up. We had to allow our beloved cat, Fezziwig, go on before us. He sustained a terrible injury for … More

The Worth of a Man



Sgt. Piper, my husband of 41 years, is the silent partner in this blog. He is my IT guy, I always find you get the best customer service from someone who knows that you know where they sleep.  When I list his best characteristics I always place “great father” at the top of the … More

Earth Box Garden

EarthBox Garden

We have had a collection of EarthBoxes for over 10 years. Back in New York, we kept 15 of them on a deck raised 8 feet in the air-out our back door. The deer problem was so fierce there for a few years, that no fences deterred  those deer from my lettuce, peas … More

The Tale of 12 Lemons

Out To Pasture
Out To Pasture

There was a sale table at the green grocers. A large bag of lemons for 99 cents! How could an old housewife pass up an opportunity like that?

We brought the bag of lemons home and Sgt. Piper (that scoundrel!) absconded with a few lemons for his batch of summer beer! I … More

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