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July 2015

Be Prepared- I’m All Shook Up!

It’s been a while since we talked. The internet connection out here in the pasture is just bad. They have been out once to fix it, in fact, informed us that they had readjusted everything, no good. They were due today for another shot at it-no one showed up. That’s just how it happens some … More

Farm Art Journal #7-The Tiny House Celebration


I could not resist adding a page to my farm journal that included a tribute to Caryn converting her Bookmobile to a Tiny Home. Miniature things always catch our interest-we can’t help it.  Make anything smaller, and we are intrigued. The Tiny House Movement offers something more: the ability to OWN your house in this … More

Small Batch Canning-Spicy Pickles


The other day, I gave you the laundry list of all of the things I need to get done. It turns out that the garden is producing one thing-cucumbers. And cucumbers wait for no woman. If you want crisp, tasty pickles you have to can them at their peak-whether you are at your peak-or not. … More

On Making Laundry Soap

Pink Laundry Soap
Pink Laundry Soap

I have been making our laundry soap for a few years now. At first I made it just because I like to make stuff-and I always want to know what goes into making the things that we use at the homestead. Now I make laundry soap because it costs so much less … More

Where’s the Heat?!?

Where's the Heat?
Where’s the Heat?

We have a favorite joke this summer, out here in the pasture: It’s only rained twice this summer-once for 45 days and once for 22 days…. It has been just a bit over 24 hours since the last shower-and guess what? It’s raining.. .

Look at the list of stuff to do:… More

Poor Sunflowers!


Poor Sunflowers!
Poor Sunflowers!

Helianthus-the sunflower. So named because it means -duh- sun and flower in Greek. The sunflower is most noted for the fact that the flower heads track the sun as it moves across the sky, tilting their heads so that their faces always face the sun. It is called heliotropism. You will … More

Bookmobile Tiny House-Which Toilet?

Which Toilet?

It has come to our attention that a good portion of the Tiny House people, who share their adventures in building/conversion, seem to gloss over their choices of providing a toilet! Closer scrutiny reveals that many just run to the closest house or the shower room at a campground. There is another small group who … More

Straw Bale Garden #3


Straw Bale Garden
Straw Bale Garden

We are having one wet, wet, summer! The weatherman said that if we didn’t have any more rain in the months of July and August-we would still be above average! And since we have already had 4 more inches as measured by my very own rain gauge since July1st, we are … More

10 Old Farm Wife Summer Hacks

Summer at Out to Pasture
Summer at Out to Pasture

Regardless of what I feel inside, I am old, and I am a Farm Wife now.  And trying to live sustainably, we don’t turn the air conditioning on unless it climbs over 90 degrees. I sometimes ruminate over the fact that before we moved back to the Ohio country side-we … More

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