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October 2015

The Baking Cupboard

Baking Cupboard

This is my baking cupboard. We found it at a local barn sale for $125. It was blackened with dirt and smelled so smokey, we guess the old cupboard survived a fire of some sort. It may have come from an office or a schoolroom, and wasn’t very useful to most folks as it is … More

New Egg Gathering Aprons at ETSY


I have been hoping to try out a couple of new apron patterns for myself and my ETSY shop-Olive Elizabeth’s Treasures, but the Egg Gathering Aprons have just been flying out to dedicated egg gatherers all over the U.S!


I have been combing the internet for some cute chicken fabrics to make the … More

Home Remedies and Potions-Elderberry Syrup & Homemade Vanilla


The first frost, accompanied by the first snowflakes, reminded me that it was time that I get my winter home remedies and magical cookie ingredient-home brewed vanilla- on the burner-or into the cauldron.

Homemade vanilla is just so easy. You may choose any edible alcohol as a base. My friends from Barbados recently visited and … More

It Is Fire Wood Season-Just Hang On

Splitting Wood

You will please excuse us. There is no time for chit-chat, blogging, bus converting, baking, pumpkin recipes etc. We are in the wood gathering mode. The electric company left us many trees strewn throughout the horse’s paddock. We have been ignoring the piles of timber as we worked on the Bookmobile and entertained guests. But … More

The Land I Love

You work so hard some days, that you forget to count your blessings, breathe deep and be thankful. So for several mornings this week, when I woke, the first thing I did was grab the camera. (Okay I’m 60, and I HAD to pee first.) Sometimes when you capture that moment with the camera you … More

Home Remedy for Fall and Winter


The autumn creeping crud caught us unaware. We were so busy reveling and traveling and eating and drinking with a spate of visitors to the Pasture, that we forgot to take some precautionary measures. Modern medicine likes to cure disease, we like to prevent it. We do lots of natural things to boost our immunity … More

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