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December 2015

Cookie Day 2015


I am the Cookie Queen! And I have spawned two Cookie Princesses. Cookie Day is sacred. Cookie Day now has a West Coast version, presided over by one of my Cookie Princesses and her best friend.

Cookie Day originated many years ago when I became a “Working Mother”. I no longer had every day between … More

A Coloring Book for Christmas

A Coloring Book

Can you remember back to your child hood Christmas Morning? Most likely there was a fresh coloring book somewhere under the tree or in your stocking, along with a crisp box of Crayola crayons (unbroken). And when you had made imaginary tea in your new tea set, taken a couple of licks of your big … More

Ice Fog



Ice Fog
Ice Fog

I awoke this morning just as dawn should have been breaking to find our little corner of the world enveloped in a thick shroud of fog. Hmph, I thought, now my world reflects the grayness that has invaded my soul and stolen my enjoyment of the the best season of the … More

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