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March 2016

Motorhome Makeover-Final Eviction Notice

Dear Tenants,

There comes a time when my mid-western manners are exhausted. That time is now. You have been living rent -free in our RV for 7 years undisturbed. This past January we made it abundantly clear to you that the time to leave was far past. Your damage was accessed and we listed all … More

The Wheel Man

Hi there! It has been a spell since I have shared anything new. We have been busy. I have been learning to weave, and the Piper has been learning to spin wool into yarn!


He studied all suggestions online. He tried a friend’s wheel at our spinning and weaving guild. He even got the antique … More

Everything Topping



We lived in New York State for 29 years. We have only been back in Ohio for 7 years. There are things about NY that I miss every single day, even though my heart resides here in the Midwest.

  1. My NY friends.
  2. Pizza
  3. Hard Rolls
  4. Bagels with Everything Topping

That’s the list. Facebook helps … More

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