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August 2016

Good Morning Retirement!

I may have mentioned before that the mornings begin differently when you are retired. Your core routine is shaken. You struggle to build a newer more comfortable way to get through your days. You must allow a small amount of structure to your retirement days, otherwise you could find yourself laying on the sofa in … More

Dear Mayonnaise-Not Today Part 2

Cucumber Salad

There has been a bumper crop of Straight Eight Cucumbers Out Here in the Pasture.

Back in the 1950’s my mother would smother sliced cucumbers and onions in Miracle Whip. I thought I hated cucumbers! As a new wife, living in Germany, I discovered the beauty of a cucumber salad dressed with vinegar-big improvement.

The … More

Everyday is Saturday


Carrollton Farmer's Market

Ahh, Saturday! To those of you who are trying to make the big decision about whether or not to retire, the Piper and I beseech you to consider this one little thing-


Waking up in the morning is the strangest adjustment to being retired. It takes months to retrain … More

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