A Coloring Book for Christmas

A Coloring Book

Can you remember back to your child hood Christmas Morning? Most likely there was a fresh coloring book somewhere under the tree or in your stocking, along with a crisp box of Crayola crayons (unbroken). And when you had made imaginary tea in your new tea set, taken a couple of licks of your big candy cane, ignored the new socks and underwear—you settled yourself on the floor near the tree with your new coloring book and crayons. Ahhhh, the smell of the printers ink as you fanned through that new coloring book! You savored the points on the new crayons and the waxy smell. This was going to be the neatest coloring book ever! People were going to glance through your work, and tell your parents how lucky they were to have a child who could really color! Thanks for taking that trip with me.


Now you are an adult, and it is  10 9 days until Christmas. And you are not ready for the holiday. There is some pre-teen, or teen, or artsy friend, or grumpy uncle, or person who has everything- still on your list with no present. Perhaps you are like me, and anticipate that creature that is going to knock on your door with a present for you-that you had no idea they were showing up, not a clue they would bring you a present-and you need something kind of neutral already wrapped for just such an emergency. Pick up something that is so new and so cool :

  1. Not everyone has one.
  2. If they already have one-they can use another.
  3. They do not cost an arm and a striped stocking covered leg.
  4. Easily found on Amazon or at the local bookstore or dime store or craft store.

A Coloring Book!

 PicMonkey Collage

Coloring for adults-or nearly adults! It is the newest method of reducing stress and has been said to be as effective as meditation for slowing heart rate and dropping blood pressure. Plus it is really cool! There are coloring books for every age and interest. The two that I am highlighting today are Creative Coloring Inspirations and TangleEasy Wildlife Designs. Links can be found below, and please remember that we we receive a small reward for sending you to Amazon.

 The collage above shows you the guidance you will receive in the wildlife book. First you choose your subject, then either remove from the book or photocopy and start learning to Zentangle-which is adding designs in black ink to the contours that are suggested on your base drawing. This is very soothing-if you have a good ink pen (see suggestions below). Then you grab either some colored pencils or fine tip markers and color as much or as little as you wish.

Take this—–to this!


The other book that I have chosen to feature is much simpler, but if your gift recipient has hit a bit of a rough patch- the encouragement in the Inspirations coloring book would be perfect.inspirations

So if you would like to expand the gift a bit, add a nice set of colored pencils or markers a nice black pen for adding details or a black picture frame from the Dollar Store or IKEA. Give the gift of art this year!

A few of these beauties will not be available until later, but I wanted to bring them to your attention. Order by December 19th for delivery by Christmas.

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