A Reason For Thanks

I really wanted to come up with a witty or heart warming Thanksgiving post for all of my new Pasture Friends. But everyone of the good homestead bloggers beat me to it. Everyone was already thankful for the same things on my list! I was pondering a new approach to my article on an early trip to town this morning. I had to drop off 3 egg gathering aprons at the post office, they are flying off to new homes all over the United States. And I am quite thankful for the brisk sales in the Etsy shop.  I needed to pop into the dime store for some brown rick rack and thread, and I needed some fresh buns from the bakery. Of course, there was a series of lists running through my head. Lists of Thanksgiving baking chores, Christmas decorations, charity work etc. And what are you going to blog about this week?!?!?!? And then, it was right there in front of me as I pulled into the tiny municipal parking lot in our small town, a very small thing. In a nutshell, one of the things that I am most thankful for in this scary space in history.

The Parking Meter

The parking meter was not working, but everyone kept leaving the parking fee right there on the meter. No one stole the small change resting there. It had probably been there for several days. I live in a town so small, and so special that the folks can be trusted to continue to pay for parking, even when the meter doesn’t work. Now that is something to be thankful for.


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