A Special Kinda Crazy

A Whole Lot to Do-Always
A Whole Lot to Do-Always

A wonderful online friend asked me a good question the other day. She wanted to know if our blog was about simplifying for retirement-why did we keep ourselves so busy with such overwhelming projects?

Good point. A really good point. My simple answer was that we designed our retirement to keep us moving, involved and evolving.  Take a look at that picture above. That, my homesteading fans, is a lotta work waiting to be done. The wood that the electric co-op left us from their trimming adventure needs to be converted to firewood. Firewood is what keeps our 2800 sq.ft. house warm-all winter-probably statring in late September. We need a good 5-6 cords of wood for that. And you know what they say-winter is coming. That big old pile of manure needs to be spread on the land we are trying to develop into a pasture. But the manure spreader needs fixed first-probably welded. The slightly ravaged corner on the stable needs to be reworked. I wasn’t there for it, but apparently the stable made some sort of comment that the Piper could not resist swinging the backhoe bucket at it. Hot tempered Celt.


But today the sun is shining, and the Piper and Caryn are constructing a built-in futon for her Bookmobile Tiny Home. We’ll get to the wood, and the repairs. We have to. So my response-in a nutshell- to the query about why we make our life more difficult in the name of simplifying…

We are just a special kind of crazy-out here in the pasture.


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