We are Sgt Piper and Mrs Pickles, two 60ish people thrust into early retirement. Recently relocated from upstate NY, we returned to the Ohio Valley to care for aging parents. While Sgt. kept up his work as a computer programmer, Mrs. Pickles brushed up on her art and domestic skills until the day the call came. Termination. Well, boy howdy! That was a shock. We shook ourselves off, and decided that while we were not positioned in a geographical place that allowed for access to the corporate job market, we were ideally located for leading a life pursuing self reliance. And so begins the story that we would like to share with you on this blog. Horses, chickens, an antique tractor and an Amish community!

This blog is about two Baby Boomers who are turning to homesteading and sustainable living to figure out how to make a small savings last the rest of their lives, and get a few laughs along the way. Join us on our journey, but wear boots- you never know what we might step in next.


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