An Hour of Grace

An Hour of Grace

We all received an extra hour today. How did you spend this precious golden hour? In the old days BR (Before Retirement) I would have joyously used this hour for ….sleep. Today I used the hour to drink some tea, work on a knitted Christmas gift, soak up some autumn sun and commune with the Piper and some furry family. I spent the hour in grace. I shooed away negativity and absorbed sustenance.

These are two of the furry family you may not have met. Lucia the rescued boxer and Boudica the calico/tiger cat. They both are sun worshipers, and Bou has not gotten the memo that her nest is a DOG bed. Both were rescued. Lucy-many years ago in New York she was removed from an owner who kept her pregnant and under an uninsulated mobile home and then she  came to live at our house where she is given a cozy plush coat whenever she shivers. Bou and her 3 other litter mates were under the front porch of this house when we purchased it-no sign of mama. Bou is named after an Iceni warrior queen-a ferocious Celtic woman. She is a fierce huntress, content to live outside at the barn—until autumn, when she morphs into a fierce lap cat.

I thought I would give you a little tour of one of our favorite niches in the house. This house was a bit more spacious than our old house, and at first we were stymied as to how to fill the space and arrange the furniture in the oddly shaped, narrow rooms. One of my old jobs was a visual person for a posh sort of woman’s clothier-famous for their catalogs and the “look” of their stores.  So I decided to tackle this furniture arrangement bit as if I were creating a vignette in a shop. This spot is surrounded by windows on all three sides and features a view of our 5 acres, as the house is built very close to the back of the property. From this spot you can see the chicken coop and the horse stable over the rise. You can admire the trees in seasonal glory, and watch it snow in winter. So we had a wonderful old drum table that was saved by our oldest daughter, and we recently located these comfortable barrel chairs covered in rich brown leather. Add a shaggy flokati rug from IKEA and a cushy dog/cat bed and some coasters for your mug=comfort.

I am not really a collector of any specific thing, but I do tend to acquire things of a like nature. The theme in this room-discerned in the details- is about two birds in an empty nest.

Not a lonely nest, mind you. But two old birds nestled in a well cushioned, sturdy nest. Life is good-Out to Pasture.

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