Be Prepared-The Scout Motto

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was a Girl Scout and the Piper was a Boy Scout. We learned so many life skills in those few years! How to safely use a pocket knife, build a fire, follow a map, predict weather, offer respect, administer first aid, set a proper table, and wear a uniform. I was surprised to find that the Boy and Girl Scouts share a motto “Be Prepared”.

A few years ago we became aware of the “Prepper” sub-culture. Those who believe that there is “something coming” that smart people should prepare for. We believe they are correct, we believe you should “prepare”. But we aren’t Preppers, we aren’t Survivalists, we are prepared.  And THANK GOODNESS we prepared!

When we were “separated” from the big corporation last year, we had 3 months of food stored. The cars and animals and we ourselves were all up to date on maintenance.  We were prepared for 4 months of no income (whew, but that one was tight!). We didn’t prepare for a zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion. We prepared for the most likely scenarios-loss of income and large storms that would take our power for days on end.

We live above the confluence of the Utica Shale and the Marcellus Shale formations, known for the rich deposits of gas and oil.  It turns out we also live above a very valuable seam of coal. Who knew? When we decided to relocate here 6 years ago, this area was quiet, Amish and for most purposes- forgotten. We aren’t on a major road going anywhere and getting here will confuse your Garmin or TomTom. Cell phones don’t work down in the hollows of the foothills of the Appalachians. But someone remembered the mineral deposits under the ground.

So now we are prepared for some things that are very concrete for us-evacuation or the compromise of our water system.  There are earthquakes, oil rig fires, broken  pipelines and dangerous road-closing traffic accidents involving large trucks full of stuff that they don’t have to tell us the contents of. Those are proprietary recipes for the fracking industry and they don’t even have to share those recipes with the fire department…

What are your possible apocalyptic scenarios?

  • Earthquakes and Tsunamis
  • Tornadoes
  • Sudden loss of income
  • Riots
  • Drought or water loss
  • Hurricanes and large storms
  • Flooding
  • Fire
  • Interruption of food delivery

Take a few minutes and think about the threats in your area, decide if it is more likely that you would have to grab and go or stay put. Think about stashing some extra bottled water and a camp stove, keeping your gas tank full and shelving some extra instant soups. We will talk more later.

Being prepared is one way to reduce the stress of everyday life. Have a plan. Oh yeah, if you see an old Girl Scout or Boy Scout manual at a yard sale-take it home-you never know.

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