Bookmobile Tiny Home-Slipcovers


I will start this post by noting that I am not a slipcovering expert. Not at all. Slipcovers are both the easiest and hardest sewing project you will ever attempt.

First we chose some washable velveteen in a Wasabi Green. I then plumped everything up by adding some high density foam on the seat and covering everything over with batting designed for upholstery work. All this yummy cushy stuff is spray glued and sewn to the old seat.


I wish the colors were a little more true in these photos, as this whole sapphire/peacock/wasabi plan is really coming together.


This slipcover was the first one I made-I got better on the second-a whole lot better. I tuned out all the Youtube videos about slipcovers that I watched, and went with the experienced seamstress that resides in my jumbled mind. Turns out I knew how to do this all along.

Now imagine, if you can, this section all cleaned up with those rich plumed damask curtains hung all around and the front console all covered with green growing plants, and a cup of fragrant coffee on the counter in front of you—-with a cupcake! And a sleepy kitty on your lap, a fluffy Akita on your feet, and a book in your hand. That is how I see Caryn’s future in her Bookmobile Tiny House.

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