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One of the most satisfying tasks of creating your own Tiny Home, is putting your personal stamp on you home. Look at Caryn’s kitchen sink.  The sink itself is a galvanized tub. The faucet is so versatile for home brewing, kitten washing and general kitchen duties.


The ledge that the sink tub rests on is a 4 inch thick piece of maple with a natural edge that was gifted to Caryn by her aunt and uncle. They have chunks of wood like this for windowsills and counters in their straw bale house that were cut from trees on their property. The cabinet facing is ripped from some of the library shelves that had to be removed to make room for the kitchen. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The doors are made from bulletin boards that were covered with cork and carpet. Caryn stripped all of that off, sanded and sealed the beautiful wood. And get this-I am so proud of my girl-that stainless edging on the doors? Guess what that is! It is the strips that hold the shelf brackets! Caryn bent and tacked those strips around the old bulletin boards to cover the plywood! Isn’t that just genius? Or am I just one of those mothers who brag about their kids? There are plans to place some screws and washers into those holes on the doors.

As I am typing this post, the Piper is out in the driveway in thundery 90 degree weather, trying to figure out how to plumb a sink made from a galvanized tub…..and put a drain through the tub AND 4 inches of solid maple….My hero!

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