Bookmobile Tiny House-Christmas Past


If you thought you could not squeeze a Christmas Tree onto a Bookmobile Tiny Home-think again. Of course this was the tiniest tree at the Christmas tree farm-maybe it was a top cut out of a large tree that had two. But that was plenty of tree for Caryn in her Tiny Home.


These first two shots are of the very front of the bus. We reupholstered the header with the curtain fabric, and I finally got the drapery and slipcovers finished. Caryn papered the roof over the cab with maps from out West and mementos of her sojourn out that away. And she installed some very Bohemian Hanging lamps from IKEA. The seats turn right around from the front and face two desks which the Piper and Caryn covered with some great stainless steel counters that Caryn purchased at auction. Now they make up her kitchen counters and dining area. The tree is seated on the engine hump between the two seats.


This is one of Caryn’s special creations-a wine rack composed of a large tree branch that she swiped from the wood pile. She cleaned it up, and at great effort, drilled downward facing holes around the branch to catch her wine bottles by the necks. Then she fastened it all in place with good ole plumber’s strapping.  She repainted the door to the electrical box with some blackboard paint and her Aunt Pearl and Uncle Jessie gifted her with the perfect sign for a girl of her talents. She Believed She Could- So She Did.

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