Bookmobile Tiny House-Which Toilet?

Which Toilet?

It has come to our attention that a good portion of the Tiny House people, who share their adventures in building/conversion, seem to gloss over their choices of providing a toilet! Closer scrutiny reveals that many just run to the closest house or the shower room at a campground. There is another small group who show off their 5 gallon pickle bucket toilets. I’ll just say it right now-eww! And others who go the whole RV route with black water tanks and gray water tanks -and dumping the tanks.P6220973

Caryn  (our fearless leader on this crazy trip) is very interested in keeping the conversion of her Bookmobile to Tiny Home-very green.  Her research into black water holding tanks and the need to dump ‘er was really kind of, well you know-crappy!  She started to research composting toilets-where the waste is usually introduced to a peat moss or soil containing bucket (that pickle bucket-or a really expensive-as in thousands of dollars-celebrity designed…bucket). The middle ground turned out to be Nature’s Head Self-Contained Composting Toilet. This  is a self-contained composting toilet which keeps the urine separate from the solids, keeping the possible smell way down. The urine is diverted to a collection bottle on the front of the toilet, and the solids are deposited-via a little trap door into a separate container.  You can see these features in the picture above-along with my long suffering beloved Sgt. Piper. This toilet was originally designed for use on a boat, but has gained popularity with RVers who are not thrilled with their old systems and folks setting up a cabin or Tiny House. Now you still have to engage in some human manure wrangling-the bottle needs emptied every few days and the solids portion only needs emptied every 3 months or so-depending on use.  But by the time you need to dump the solids-they have been magically transformed into—-wait for it—-TA DA!—-soil. There is a churn handle on the side of the toilet that needs to be turned with every use, it makes sure that the waste is incorporated in the peat moss. Installation is going to be easy-the toilet bolts to the floor-and a small muffin fan is installed with a vent hole in the side of the bus-pour in some dampened peat moss-and you are  open for business! OMG! That was a funny pun!


Well, thank you for staying with me while we discussed this delicate subject. We made very few 1st grade level potty jokes. We kept to the adult “urine” and “solids”, and didn’t say “poop” even once.  I didn’t tell you how we refer to the Nature’s Head as  “Caryn’s Little Tykes Toilet”, even though it really is made from a similar plastic.  And I really am not posting this picture of the Piper testing the seating comfort….



So that is how Caryn decided on a composting toilet for her Bookmobile Tiny house conversion-stay tuned-I hope I can make the water heater sound just as funny.

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