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The Birthday Gift

If you have been following us this year at Out to Pasture, you know that I have a sick need to organize, and a problem keeping things neat. Those two things should not go together, but I think that the fact that I let stuff pile up-then need to organize it -that right there is … More

Farm Art Journal #7-The Tiny House Celebration


I could not resist adding a page to my farm journal that included a tribute to Caryn converting her Bookmobile to a Tiny Home. Miniature things always catch our interest-we can’t help it.  Make anything smaller, and we are intrigued. The Tiny House Movement offers something more: the ability to OWN your house in this … More

Farm Art Journal #6-An Epiphany

Farm Art Journal #6
Farm Art Journal #6

I was on Pinterest again-so what’s new? I came across a quote that someone who has also lived my life had to have made. Curious how that happened. I read it-and the cartoon light bulb over my head just flashed on-really bright- like one of those Christmas Light Crazed people’s holiday … More

Farm Art Journal #5- Heartache & Solace on the Homestead

Farm Art Journal #
Farm Art Journal #5
Farm Art Journal #5
Farm Art Journal #5

This journal page has two prompts behind it. First, I have been having a tough time being cheerful lately, and I wanted to remind myself to keep looking up. We had to allow our beloved cat, Fezziwig, go on before us. He sustained a terrible injury for … More

Art Farm Journal #4


I will tell you that this is not favorite effort. I wanted to share our Homestead in stick figured fun, I used watercolor resist, only to find out that the paper my journal is made of is not of a high enough quality to support water coloring, so the water color pencils bled UNDER … More

Art Journal 3

Farm Art Journal

In celebration of the beginning of Morel Season here at the Pasture (see May 1, 2015 post), I created this journal page. I squirrel away quotes like some women collect diamonds. This quote really spoke to me on several levels. Is it just about mushrooms, or is it a metaphor for other … More

Art Journal 2

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Here is this week’s addition to my art journal, and a gratuitous shot of the only thing on the Pasture that is in bloom. I am thinking ahead to the arrival of our new peeps!

I tackled drawing a face this week and learning to use my newest art supply-

Designing with Gelatos Color Kit.… More

My Farm Journal


Some delightful  goodies got delivered to Out To Pasture the other day-my new journal, a “few” markers, and a lovely coloring book. Yep, a coloring book full of the most incredible nature designs. It is Animal Kingdom, Color Me,Draw Me by Millie Marotta. It is chock full of intricate Zentangle-like drawings ready to … More

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