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Hygge 2018

Or….Happiness is a warm puppy.


Introducing-Ruby Sue
Introducing-Ruby Sue

Just before Christmas, we adopted our 4th boxer. We waited 8 months for the right individual to replace our beloved Lucy. One day, a beautiful boxer girl popped up on my Facebook feed, and two days later we drove 3.5 hours away to meet and fall instantly … More

Everyday is Saturday


Carrollton Farmer's Market

Ahh, Saturday! To those of you who are trying to make the big decision about whether or not to retire, the Piper and I beseech you to consider this one little thing-


Waking up in the morning is the strangest adjustment to being retired. It takes months to retrain … More

Cicada Summer 2016



It is happening now-the Cicada Summer. This is a picture of some shed skins on a maple leaf along our drive. I won’t go into detail here, as there are plenty of sites on the internet that cover this phenomena. Here’s a pretty good link. We are covered by Brood V which appears … More

Screech Owl Love for Mother’s Day

Owl House
Owl House

I like getting thoughtful and odd things for Mother’s Day. Perhaps because I am a thoughtful and odd mother. Perhaps I have thoughtful and odd daughters. This year Caryn surprised me with a screech owl house.

It has been pretty durn noisy in the woods lately during the evening.  The screech owls, barred … More

A Little More Snow

If April showers bring May flowers-what do April snow storms bring? Besides insanity?
If April showers bring May flowers-what do April snow storms bring? Besides insanity?

The Wheel Man

Hi there! It has been a spell since I have shared anything new. We have been busy. I have been learning to weave, and the Piper has been learning to spin wool into yarn!


He studied all suggestions online. He tried a friend’s wheel at our spinning and weaving guild. He even got the antique … More

White Out, Resulting in a Black Out


Monday night’s snowstorm resulted in 6-8 inches of very heavy,wet snow. Tuesday morning it was bright and oh so beautiful, and the trees were laden with the thick snow. Then the winds picked up a might. And the power went down-for 47 hours. Two days-not so bad. Two nights-split decision. The first night was fine … More

Pantry Rotation-Yuck


First off, I want to show you what new pin on Pinterest I have been experimenting with. Yes it is bread, yes- it is stinkin’ easy and yes-you must plan ahead. No Knead Dutch Oven Crusty Bread is the recipe I used today-and it is lovely.  And it is to be my reward for doing … More

That Siren Called Fiber


I was just minding my business one day when I heard a small and enticing voice. Very quiet but very compelling. The Piper’s Uncle had given us an interesting old rug loom and an antique spinning wheel. I loved them on sight.


These rugs here were made by the Piper’s Aunt Dot who is married … More

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