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Hygge 2018

Or….Happiness is a warm puppy.


Introducing-Ruby Sue
Introducing-Ruby Sue

Just before Christmas, we adopted our 4th boxer. We waited 8 months for the right individual to replace our beloved Lucy. One day, a beautiful boxer girl popped up on my Facebook feed, and two days later we drove 3.5 hours away to meet and fall instantly … More

Welcome 2017-Come on in and sit awhile.

A Stranger in Our Midst
A Stranger in Our Midst


We made it. At a few points along the way last year I did not think that we would. But it’s a new year.

Out here in The Pasture we are having a strange winter weather-wise. Colder than usual and warmer than usual and the weatherman is a good-looking, … More

Our Gift to You-Hygge

Our gift to you is something that you already have. Hyyge. This is a Danish word that almost defies definition. Pronounced “hooga”, it is  as hard to say as to define. Directly translated it might be closest to say that Hyyge means “coziness” or “well-being”. I read a book about this last year,

Good Morning Retirement!

I may have mentioned before that the mornings begin differently when you are retired. Your core routine is shaken. You struggle to build a newer more comfortable way to get through your days. You must allow a small amount of structure to your retirement days, otherwise you could find yourself laying on the sofa in … More

Ice Fog



Ice Fog
Ice Fog

I awoke this morning just as dawn should have been breaking to find our little corner of the world enveloped in a thick shroud of fog. Hmph, I thought, now my world reflects the grayness that has invaded my soul and stolen my enjoyment of the the best season of the … More


Texas, 1973
Texas, 1973


If you have just climbed out from under a rock, today is Veteran’s Day. It is the day we all should remember those of the Armed Forces and be thankful for their service. It hasn’t always been such a big deal. Some of you will argue with me, but that is the … More

An Hour of Grace

An Hour of Grace

We all received an extra hour today. How did you spend this precious golden hour? In the old days BR (Before Retirement) I would have joyously used this hour for ….sleep. Today I used the hour to drink some tea, work on a knitted Christmas gift, soak up some autumn sun and commune with the … More

The Land I Love

You work so hard some days, that you forget to count your blessings, breathe deep and be thankful. So for several mornings this week, when I woke, the first thing I did was grab the camera. (Okay I’m 60, and I HAD to pee first.) Sometimes when you capture that moment with the camera you … More

High Tea

IMG_5068Sometimes, even farm folk get to kick up their heels and enjoy a little vacation. This past week we have been enjoying the company of some wonderful old friends from the west coast. Our destination was sort of a cliche vacation destination- Niagara Falls. Known far and wide as the mecca for honeymooners, Niagara Falls … More

Word for the Day- Grace

grace“Grace” is an interesting word. It can be both a noun and a verb. To Christians, it is a very important word. It is our assurance that whether or not we deserve it or ask for it, we are always in His Grace.

One can “grace” a room with your presence. One can say “grace” … More

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