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Why We are Different

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Have you ever noticed that there are no pop ups on our blog? No in-your-face requests to join our mailing list? No ads selling cheap ammo, cheaper women or cures for constipation? That is because we don’t like running into that sort of business when we visit other folk’s blogs. We give you links to … More

The Art of Going Gray


It has taken me 60 years to learn to live within the skin I was given. For various reasons, I was never appreciative of what bits of beauty I had received from The Maker. One of the things I took for granted was glossy dark hair. For 30 years I have fought the scary, … More

Be Prepared- I’m All Shook Up!

It’s been a while since we talked. The internet connection out here in the pasture is just bad. They have been out once to fix it, in fact, informed us that they had readjusted everything, no good. They were due today for another shot at it-no one showed up. That’s just how it happens some … More

Where’s the Heat?!?

Where's the Heat?
Where’s the Heat?

We have a favorite joke this summer, out here in the pasture: It’s only rained twice this summer-once for 45 days and once for 22 days…. It has been just a bit over 24 hours since the last shower-and guess what? It’s raining.. .

Look at the list of stuff to do:… More

10 Old Farm Wife Summer Hacks

Summer at Out to Pasture
Summer at Out to Pasture

Regardless of what I feel inside, I am old, and I am a Farm Wife now.  And trying to live sustainably, we don’t turn the air conditioning on unless it climbs over 90 degrees. I sometimes ruminate over the fact that before we moved back to the Ohio country side-we … More

Hummingbird Love


Hummingbird Love
Hummingbird Love

We are not professional photographers. I just need to say that right out front, because these pictures are not National Geographic contenders. But they are quite amazing to us.

Hummingbirds The Approach
The Approach

As we are on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains, we only see one  variety of hummingbirds-the Ruby Throated.… More

The Worth of a Man



Sgt. Piper, my husband of 41 years, is the silent partner in this blog. He is my IT guy, I always find you get the best customer service from someone who knows that you know where they sleep.  When I list his best characteristics I always place “great father” at the top of the … More

Simplify and Retire


Simplify and Retire. That phrase appears in the header to our blog, and it is time that we take that to heart everyday. We have chosen to simplify in order to afford retirement. We have chosen to live on a small fixed income.

I worry about that.

The Piper was offered a way back … More

The Quiet Revolution of Voluntary Simplicity

Voluntary Simplicity
Voluntary Simplicity

How arrogant we were! We thought that we invented “Simplify and Retire”. It is an ongoing Quiet Revolution-worldwide…It is the concept of accepting a lower income and foregoing  consumerism and garnering time and freedom to pursue what makes you happy.

Did you think it was a new concept? There were some pretty important … More

Into the Woods & the 1960s

The Woods
The Woods

I was a child in the 60s. I turned 6 years old the year we welcomed that decade. The 1960s are portrayed as free wheeling, free loving and a wondrous drug fueled experience. For me, it was the decade I lived in the woods. Not the woods as I live in now, but … More

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