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Seduction by Tomato-and Staying Safe

I didn’t want to do it. We could certainly do without canned tomatoes this winter. I have 12 cans of crushed tomatoes from the grocery store-that’s plenty for the Piper and I. Then one Saturday morning Darling Daughter grabs me and takes me to the Farmers Market and the best little farm stand ever.

I … More

Puttin’ Up Basil

Puttin' Up Basil
Puttin’ Up Basil

Puttin’ up basil is one of the simplest most aromatic end o’ summer jobs. I go out to my four basil plants early in the morning, and take all of the perfect leaves those babies have to offer. I ask you-does anything smell as good as fresh picked basil?

It is simply … More

Dear Mayonnaise-Not Today!

Some days it is just toooooo hot to mess with a full blown meal. My solution is to make a salad a couple mornings a week, and leave them in the fridge for lunch or supper. I have a  list of summer salads (other than the ever-present green salads) that I rotate through every summer. … More

Cookie Day 2015


I am the Cookie Queen! And I have spawned two Cookie Princesses. Cookie Day is sacred. Cookie Day now has a West Coast version, presided over by one of my Cookie Princesses and her best friend.

Cookie Day originated many years ago when I became a “Working Mother”. I no longer had every day between … More

Home Remedies and Potions-Elderberry Syrup & Homemade Vanilla


The first frost, accompanied by the first snowflakes, reminded me that it was time that I get my winter home remedies and magical cookie ingredient-home brewed vanilla- on the burner-or into the cauldron.

Homemade vanilla is just so easy. You may choose any edible alcohol as a base. My friends from Barbados recently visited and … More

Home Remedy for Fall and Winter


The autumn creeping crud caught us unaware. We were so busy reveling and traveling and eating and drinking with a spate of visitors to the Pasture, that we forgot to take some precautionary measures. Modern medicine likes to cure disease, we like to prevent it. We do lots of natural things to boost our immunity … More

It’s Not Rocket Science-It’s SOUP!


I’m guilty of it too: the weather gets a bit of a chill to it, and there I am on Pinterest- pinning soup recipes. It’s not like I don’t know how to make soup-I’ve kept us all alive on it for 41 years! But I always think that there must be some type or style … More

Small Batch Canning-Spicy Pickles


The other day, I gave you the laundry list of all of the things I need to get done. It turns out that the garden is producing one thing-cucumbers. And cucumbers wait for no woman. If you want crisp, tasty pickles you have to can them at their peak-whether you are at your peak-or not. … More

Hummingbird Love


Hummingbird Love
Hummingbird Love

We are not professional photographers. I just need to say that right out front, because these pictures are not National Geographic contenders. But they are quite amazing to us.

Hummingbirds The Approach
The Approach

As we are on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains, we only see one  variety of hummingbirds-the Ruby Throated.… More

The Tale of 12 Lemons

Out To Pasture
Out To Pasture

There was a sale table at the green grocers. A large bag of lemons for 99 cents! How could an old housewife pass up an opportunity like that?

We brought the bag of lemons home and Sgt. Piper (that scoundrel!) absconded with a few lemons for his batch of summer beer! I … More

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