Dear Mayonnaise-Not Today!

Some days it is just toooooo hot to mess with a full blown meal. My solution is to make a salad a couple mornings a week, and leave them in the fridge for lunch or supper. I have a  list of summer salads (other than the ever-present green salads) that I rotate through every summer. Some we like better than others, but all are still better than running out for fast food.

We make potato salad-both with mayonnaise and vinaigrette. Regular macaroni salad and pasta salad with Italian dressing. Cucumbers with sour cream or oil and vinegar. And last but not least-Coleslaw with mayo or vinaigrette.  You may not have tried that last one-coleslaw vinaigrette-so I am going to talk about it today.


All of our favorite salad recipes have evolved as they are for two reasons:

  1. You shouldn’t serve two salads with the same cream-based dressing. It’s just not fun-or health conscious.
  2. If you are taking the salad for a cook-out/picnic, keeping a mayonnaise based salad can be a bit hazardous.

I am willing to bet that most folks have only had a coleslaw with a mayo or sour cream based dressing. Now if you are a big fan of cabbage (and we are!) a quick and lighter recipe for it is a special summer gift.This salad has a bit of a kick to it because of the mustard-we enjoy that.  I make the preparation even quicker by using a pre-shredded mix of cabbage-red and green and carrots from the grocery store. Now I can hear all of the Homesteading Pure Hearts wailing that I didn’t spend 4 months growing that cabbage in my precious horse manure compost-or shredding the cabbage by hand-along with 3 knuckles. Just hush yourself! It means we will consume two servings of fresh vegetables with very little fat and less salt.

Dear Mayonnaise-Not Today!-Coleslaw Vinagrette


  • 1 bag of pre-shredded coleslaw mix
  • 1T wholegrain mustard or Grey Poupon
  • 2T vinegar-What kind? I don't know-mix it up, girl! Apple cider, white wine, raspberry,champagne, etc.!
  • 4T oil-olive or peanut are our favorites
  • 1t salt-Himalayan Pink or Sea salt-for funnsies
  • 1t black pepper-if it ain't fresh ground-you might be eating dirt-I'm just sayin'.


  1. Whisk the dressing in a bowl with a lid and add the cabbage mix. Just toss it until everything is coated-or put the lid on it and shake the bowl and your hips-it scares the cats when y'all do that
  2. It is personal choice as to whether you dress the salad and let it sit in the fridge or combine the cabbage and dressing just before serving..

This salad comes together in just 5 minutes. We had some today with grilled cheese sandwiches and sliced cucumbers from the garden. We are a few weeks away from garden tomatoes, but the cukes deserve a few weeks in the limelight too. I will include a link to my favorite vinaigrette making tool at the bottom here. That is what is for supper here in the Pasture.

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