Everyday is Saturday


Carrollton Farmer's Market

Ahh, Saturday! To those of you who are trying to make the big decision about whether or not to retire, the Piper and I beseech you to consider this one little thing-


Waking up in the morning is the strangest adjustment to being retired. It takes months to retrain your body. The moment you wake up, it is not fight or flight thinking! You can just lie in bed listening to see if it is raining, or if that demanding Curlie horse-Zypher- has wandered down the paddock to the fence closest to your open window, and is bugling his need for a fresh leaf of hay. Mostly, you don’t have to worry about what you wear  as long as it suits the weather.

On this particular Saturday Morning we wandered off to the Carrollton Farmer’s Market to see what was available. Local honey, fresh peaches, some late radishes, fragrant dill, late blueberries, and an  early (for us) tomato.

Even if you are not blessed with retirement yet-there has to be a farmer’s market within driving distance. Treat yourself to some fresh goodies! And practice slowing your pace and enhancing your enjoyment of the simple life.

Life is Good-out here in the pasture.

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