Everyone Poops

Rubber Booted Manure Movin' Machine
Rubber Booted Manure Movin’ Machine

We are all adults here-some of us more recognizable as such-than others. We know that what goes in must come out the other end. We taught our children the same- some of us even used a book titled similarly to this blog post. What some of us didn’t know is that in farm life EVERYONE poops, and it is the farmer and his wife who clean it up. Mostly the farmer-thank you Sargent Piper.

Think about it folks:

2 horses

20 chickens

2 rabbits

3 cats

3 dogs

2 rabbits…

And any living thing that might come across our little 5 acre plot.

The amount of manure (you have no idea how much I want to use the “sh–” word every time I type “poop” or ‘manure”) on our place can become overwhelming and good boots are a pretty important item. Good boots that are left in the garage or on the porch step, that is.


The Piper (pictured above) prefers the honest to goodness well-named Muck Boot. A pair-worn year around- will last him for 5 years. They are pricey, but worth every bit of it. He wears the medium height boot, and cuffs them down in the summer.

What the Fashionable Mucker is Wearing this Season
What the Fashionable Mucker is Wearing this Season

Tiny House Daughter prefers something with a bit of fashionable zing-like these peacock feathered beauties from Rural King. They are less expensive, really comfortable and cute, but she will only get a few seasons fromĀ  them, as they will break down and leak after a bit.

Outta the Manure Pile-Smellin' Like a Rose
Outta the Manure Pile-Smellin’ Like a Rose

My pick is the always fun Bog Boot in the medium height. This is my second pair-the first lasted 6 years. They would have lasted longer if I hadn’t always left them on the front step in the sunshine and weather.

Before trying this whole homesteading lifestyle, I never owned anything but cute short boots that looked good with my trousers or LL Bean style snow boots worn for snow removal. Believe me-when you are up to your knees in …..manure…you gotta have some good boots.

So that is all the new….manure….Out here in the pasture.

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