Farm Art Journal #7-The Tiny House Celebration


I could not resist adding a page to my farm journal that included a tribute to Caryn converting her Bookmobile to a Tiny Home. Miniature things always catch our interest-we can’t help it.  Make anything smaller, and we are intrigued. The Tiny House Movement offers something more: the ability to OWN your house in this difficult world. The housing rental prices in our area have been forced sky high with the advent of the oil and gas people. Most young people aren’t making big money in starter jobs, so the rents on top of student loans are impossible. Tiny Homes offer privacy and freedom. Enough of my blather.


I’ve had these little cardboard house cut outs hanging around the studio for 5 years-I think they are from Maya Road. I painted each one a bright color, then stamped on them using Archival Ink and a White Souffle pen for accents. The tiny wheels are little buttons, snaps and rhinestones. I doodled the road and some flowers and slashed some grass and sky color on with Gelatos.  A cute tribute to this summer’s big project



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