Motorhome Makeover-Final Eviction Notice

Dear Tenants,

There comes a time when my mid-western manners are exhausted. That time is now. You have been living rent -free in our RV for 7 years undisturbed. This past January we made it abundantly clear to you that the time to leave was far past. Your damage was accessed and we listed all the items that would need to be replaced after your occupancy. We even made it uncomfortable for you to stay. We removed your mattress, we sucked up your collections. We even consulted Pinterest and left you large bars of soap that smells of the Celtic Isles. You have stayed past your welcome. Crapping in the ant trap was just juvenile. Peeing in the corner of the the tiny kitchen counter is just not acceptable. We will grant you one more good party-then you must leave.

Please note that we have left you a delicious feast for your going away party. You will find it in the little black box in the corner of the counter-you know your erstwhile urinal. Inside you will find a gourmet cake, pretty green for Spring. Please eat all you can-share it with family and the neighbors.

Sincerely, The Management



A little place and press tile. A lot of elbow grease and voila! The tile was not particularly inexpensive, but the retro look supports our Front Porch theme and covers the lovely mauve swirled wallpaper. I did seal and prep the wall before adding the tile.

That is the status on the Motor Home Makeover here at Out to Pasture.

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