Good Things Happen

It really happened! Mrs. Pickles (me) and Sgt. Piper (my main squeeze) finally went somewhere tropical-for two whole weeks!

Half Moon Cay Bahamas
Half Moon Cay

We went with some precious old friends. Yep, we have known each other for39 years.

Dunn's Falls Jamaica W.I.
Dunn’s Falls Jamaica W.I.

We ate….a lot.


Yes-I ate escargots!


We Played
We Played-Yes the water really is that blue!


We absorbed some serious heat and history.
We Drank a Little
We Drank a Little


We Made some new friends.

DSCN0063And we are still married-42 years and going strong.

A little soap box moment here. Almost every time we mentioned our trip to someone, the reply was “Must be nice.” I am guilty of using that trite little phrase also, but it finally struck me how mean spirited of a reply that is.  We saved for this trip by denying ourselves other luxuries that most folks consider necessities. We worked hard all of our lives, and continue to live a life where we are responsible about how our food is sourced, how much energy we consume and how our precious retirement savings is spent. “Must be nice” sounds as though the other person thinks good fortune was handed to you, that the other person is more deserving than you are. Let’s vow to watch what we say, rejoice for the fun had by folks in your life. The best reply? ” How nice!” And it was.

That’s all for now-Out to Pasture is Out to Sea on a Holland America Cruise!

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