Homestead Failures-WARNING Graphic Photos



It was bound to happen. Homesteaders try all sorts of things-and mostly they work out-more or less. Butchering our own turkey is our first BIG failure. We started with 3 poults back in the spring, remember this?


Well one got taken by the racoon leaving two. Just as they were getting to be good sized the tom went lame. We could not figure out why, but they were not heritage turkeys, they were broad-breasted bronzes. These are the commercial style turkey that is not meant for a long life. We babied this tom, and fed him extra high protein feed. The Piper finally decided that we needed to cull him, because he could barely stand.  We found a good article about butchering a turkey and read it through. We were accustomed to butchering rabbits and fish, so figured we had this one in the bag. To our horror, we realized that he had worn away the feathers, skin and flesh-right to the bone on his wings-alright we can cut those off. Then we found the same thing to a lesser degree on his breast. We decided to clean and cook him anyway.


Something was wrong, very wrong. The meat tasted sour. We did something wrong. Maybe not butchering soon enough? Maybe the turkey had some kind of illness?  All of it into the trash!

You can’t let this sort of thing stop you from trying other new things. Or from even trying the same thing again. But we are pretty disappointed in ourselves.


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