Hummingbird Love


Hummingbird Love
Hummingbird Love

We are not professional photographers. I just need to say that right out front, because these pictures are not National Geographic contenders. But they are quite amazing to us.

Hummingbirds The Approach
The Approach

As we are on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains, we only see one  variety of hummingbirds-the Ruby Throated.

Hummingbirds Out To Pasture
Out To Pasture

We have two fish shaped feeders hung from our bedroom balcony-just over all those nasturtiums and busy Lizzies and petunias that sprinkle our food garden. Hummingbirds prefer red, deep throated flowers.

Ruby Throat Out To Pasture
Ruby Throat
Out To Pasture

The Domino Sugar website has a simple recipe for homemade nectar:

Domino® Sugar Hummingbird Nectar Recipe
1 cup tap water
¼ cup Domino® Granulated Pure Cane Sugar
To make your own mixture, bring tap water to a boil and stir in Domino® Granulated Pure Cane Sugar. Allow mixture to cool to room temperature before adding it to your feeder.
To yield larger portions, mix at the ratio of 1 part sugar to 4 parts water. The solution will keep in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Please don’t use food coloring, honey, brown sugar, unrefined sugar or sugar substitutes, as they can be harmful to hummingbirds. Under no circumstances should insecticides or other poisons be used at hummingbird feeders. Be sure to properly clean the feeder and replace the hummingbird nectar in your feeder every 3-4 days and 2-3 days in warmer climates.

 You can visit their website for some other information and cautions about feeding the hummingbirds.

I just wanted to share with our readers another idea for your Simpler Life-feed the hummingbirds-and watch them instead of the evening news.

I spotted this feeder on Amazon-I’m just waiting for payday! Can you imagine? A Mason Jar styled feeder!

PS-we are affiliated with Amazon, and may receive rewards when you click on our recommendations.

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