Hygge 2018

Or….Happiness is a warm puppy.


Introducing-Ruby Sue
Introducing-Ruby Sue

Just before Christmas, we adopted our 4th boxer. We waited 8 months for the right individual to replace our beloved Lucy. One day, a beautiful boxer girl popped up on my Facebook feed, and two days later we drove 3.5 hours away to meet and fall instantly in love with another silly boxer girl. The poor dear went nearly a week without a new name as we tossed around all sorts of inspirational holiday names. The winning name became “Ruby Sue”, a nod to our favorite holiday movie “Christmas Vacation”.  The name has several applications to our beautiful girl. Her coat color is called “sealed” a brindle so dark as to appear black. With the russet highlights from the brindle-she truly looks like a Ruby in the sunlight. Her personality is truly gem-like. Totally house-trained, fixed, nice manners, and a sassy attitude, somewhere between one and two years old-she is beyond the worth of rubies. Please excuse all of the pictures, but family and friends have been asking for a photo shoot. So enjoy the puppy love and our enjoyment of the second nice snowfall of 2018- a great day for Hygge!

I added this cute snowflake border so that you might not notice that we are enjoying our winter views through grungy windows…

A good snow day requires an appropriate puzzle, a fuzzy rug and an antique woolen throw from several generations back.

How about some day dreaming? You know- all about hatching fuzzy baby chicks in my new incubator. The possibilities are endless-can anyone have too many chicks, or turkey poults, or Guinea fowl?

And last of all-to complete my feeling of coziness and well being, a little knitting. But it looks like Ruby Sue thought she might like to take a crack at knitting-or Mama’s ball of yarn used to look a lot like a tennis ball.  So a little untwisting, untangling and cursing before I can put the finishing touches on my mitts.

Adoption is the very best way to acquire a new dog. Save someone today.

Thanks for sticking with me through all of the doggie love pictures. Just a taste of a nice winter’s day-Out to Pasture.


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