Good Morning Retirement!

I may have mentioned before that the mornings begin differently when you are retired. Your core routine is shaken. You struggle to build a newer more comfortable way to get through your days. You must allow a small amount of structure to your retirement days, otherwise you could find yourself laying on the sofa in front of the boob-tube all day-every day, with nothing to show for your existence. The animals help us to maintain an early to rise sort of day. Not 5am-as when we used to have to shower, shave and produce a respectable looking individual, but more sevenish or seventhirtyish.


We have found that an hour in the sun room pursuing some fiber arts is the the way to start our days. Fortified with a cup of coffee for the Piper as he spins and a cup of tea for me as I knit.


We have been delighted and blessed to be joined by a small spider while we weave our Human Webs and she her Spider Webs. She works diligently on a new web every morning-stretched across a corner of the big window. Her work is far superior to ours, but we enjoy the company.


Just another softly rainy day-Out Here in the Pasture

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