Motor Home Makeover-Design Decisions

Decisions, decisions! When you get to make over an entire room or in this case-an entire motor home, it is always good to have a plan. My mother’s idea of a good design included blue carpet, blue upholstery, blue shades, blue window treatments, blue towels etc.  I wasn’t sure what my idea would be- so of course I went to Pinterest -for a year. I looked at all of the lovely white campers  with ruffles that were quite beautifully shabby and totally not me. I looked at campers done over in a lime/black/white color scheme-not me again. I looked at “pins” where the camper was made over to look like a wild west bunk house or a fishing cabin-totally the Piper-totally not me. I saw little Glampers all tricked out in 1950s kitsch-totally me-totally not the Piper. What it comes down to is that it is really hard to come up with a design that will suit both the Piper and I.

Enter my common sense. While living in the camper for 6 months, I became nauseated by all of that blue and mauve. I was making regular trips to Longaberger Baskets in Dresden, Ohio and had bought a few items that featured  sunflowers and stripes and paisley! A tablecloth and a a set of place mats helped tame that blue down. I still loved those fabrics and decided to use them in my design.


I also found this antique hand embroidered tablecloth in my respectable stash of tattered but lovely linens. I decided that the theme of this make over will be-My Front Porch.

That striped fabric reminds me of the striped roll-up curtains on our porch in Cleveland when I was very young. Sunlight was considered the enemy of a good housekeeper, so porches were deep and covered, and there were roll-up canvas curtains at each side of the porch. The old directors chairs also had striped canvas  seats. My Grandma Olive’s porch had a porch swing with a large, floral barkcloth cushion. There were decorative wooden  brackets and rails running all the way around her porch. Grandma Reeve’s porch was surrounded with huge hydrangea shrubs and there was a small table with a little linen cloth on it. I had my inspiration and a few supporting pieces.


I chose a gel wall tile and a vinyl plank floor that reminded me of bleached out porch floors and the boardwalks by the ocean. This floor is going to make all the difference. Good bye country blue plush carpet!


Gathering the textiles turned out to be a little difficult and more expensive than I anticipated, as the fabrics are retired Longaberger fabrics, but still available on Ebay. The sunflower fabric can command $79 a yard! The stripe is a little less pricey-but it is my favorite! The paisley is quite reasonable for home dec fabrics at 5 yards for $29.95 in some places. SO the paisley will be used to reupholster the sofa, and the stripes will become Roman shades and curtains. The sunflower fabric will be used sparingly to trim all of the sewing projects. The little tea set table cloth will have a different purpose in its new life.  I swear to you-there is not a bit of orange in my house, but I have chosen orange and soft blue for the motor home!

Always something new-out to pasture!

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