Motor Home Makeover-Fiesta!


These are the colors of Fiesta Ware that Caryn and I found to go in the camper. Some folks might say that matching pottery is not part of camping….well, to them I say “It is-if you camp like I do!” No really, I’ve lived in housing that was little better than primitive camping, so when I camp, I go in comfort.  Others have argued against putting the weight of pottery in a motor home, but as in our life, I go light on some stuff and heavy on others–LOL. I decided on a service for four with a mixture of bowls. I wanted the square plates that Fiesta makes, but alas there were not any in the outlet. We decided on the medium oval plates for fun-and for alternate uses. If we should end up throwing a party, we can use the platters and various sized bowls to serve beautifully, and use paper plates!

Couldn't Resist
Couldn’t Resist

Now these items were not in the seconds room, but the prices were quite a bit under the usual list price. Lightweight nested mixing bowls with lids-oh my! There I go saving weight and space as they all nest nicely together and can be used for mixing or for salads etc. The bowls are stainless steel with an enamel coating in just the right colors. That oven mitt was just made to suit our colors, so it couldn’t be left behind. The dear little tea cup is for ME!  I bought the Piper a large latte mug for his morning coffee, but opted for a more delicate cup and saucer for me.

All Tucked Away
All Tucked Away

I put all the dishes away into the kitchen cupboards on board-after vacuuming out the mouse manure and giving everything a good douse in vinegar cleaner, then I lined the shelving with that spongy no slip shelf liner. I used some of the packing material between the plates and bowls as one does not want to rattle on down the road!

I certainly could have done something that was even cheaper by shopping the thrifts. I had in mind to use old mismatched floral tableware, but the Piper is not so into that as I am. And my stated purpose in the decoration of the motor home was to make both of us comfortable.

That is it for now-it’s still snowing-must be why I settled on those beautiful citrus colors! It sure has been one strange spring-out here in the pasture.

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