Motor Home Makeover-Let the Demo Begin!


I guess you can see why the carpet needs to go. But what, you may ask is wrong with that short queen sized mattress that is going to be a bit pricey to replace?



Yes, mice do cause damage by chewing, but in this case they chewed a hole in the mattress and raised a couple of generations…

The staining is caused by a plumbing back up in the mouse condo.

There is no recovering this mess. A new specially sized RV mattress will run around $300.


A water leak in the overhead cab is a very common problem. The Piper has already rebuilt a portion of this, but now we have to figure out how to replace that white ceiling.


We discovered that this entire drawer was full of marbles. It is hard to say what my Mom was thinking.

All of the lower drawers and the one kitchen drawer look like this with the mouse latrine in one corner. The Piper will replace all of the bottoms of the drawers with 1/4 inch plywood, and fix the rails while he is at it.

There was no way to give you a picture of the giant mouse nests that were cleared out of every nook and cranny of the motor home. All I can tell you is that things are smelling a lot better in there without all the little critters.

And that, my friends, is a taste (eww) of the demolition that has been going on -out here in the pasture.

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