On Making Laundry Soap

Pink Laundry Soap
Pink Laundry Soap

I have been making our laundry soap for a few years now. At first I made it just because I like to make stuff-and I always want to know what goes into making the things that we use at the homestead. Now I make laundry soap because it costs so much less than the commercial brands I used to buy. Last time I made laundry soap-over 6 months ago-I made the whipped soft kind of soap using the suggestions from a lovely blog called The White Silk Purse. I found her recipe to be less intimidating than a lot of others on Pinterest. I did cut that batch size in half, because I didn’t know if I would like the soap in that form. But now it was time to make a new batch, and I wanted to make a bigger batch so that I could share some with my SIL for her birthday. Who gives laundry soap for a gift? Well, I do.


I wanted to make my laundry soap more gift -like-you know-kick it up a notch or two. So instead of the 2 bars of Fels Naptha  Soap, I substituted one large bar of Zote Soap in pink!

I also used a lovely fragrance oil from Brambleberry Soapmaking Supplies called Lavender and Cedar.P7161023

In her gift bag, my SIL received a pint of home-made laundry soap, some home made bar soap and a kit of Woolzies-wool balls that go in the dryer to reduce the time it takes a load to dry and to reduce static cling. At the end of the drying cycle, you pull out one of the balls and put 10-12 drops of the enclosed essential oil on it and run the dryer for a few more minutes to distribute the scent. We have shifted our gift-giving to only include useful things that can be used up and make the  life of the receiver more pleasant.


I store my soap in a commercial food container and scoop out one tablespoon with a sock or towel destined for the washer.  It’s a girl thing, I don’t usually indulge the feminine side of my character, but who wouldn’t like doing laundry with fluffy pink stuff that smells out of this world?

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