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While it snows…

While it snows and I could be gardening-I am knitting.

The Killer Tomato Kerchief
The Killer Tomato Kerchief

Everyone Needs a Hobby


A Little More Snow

If April showers bring May flowers-what do April snow storms bring? Besides insanity?
If April showers bring May flowers-what do April snow storms bring? Besides insanity?

Motor Home Makeover-Fiesta!


These are the colors of Fiesta Ware that Caryn and I found to go in the camper. Some folks might say that matching pottery is not part of camping….well, to them I say “It is-if you camp like I do!” No really, I’ve lived in housing that was little better than primitive camping, so … More

Road Trip-Fiesta Ware, Oh My!

Newell, West Virginia
Newell, West Virginia

I love to bargain shop! Regular shopping? Not so much. But when we moved to the rural countryside in Ohio, I missed shopping!

Both of my daughters collect Fiesta Ware dishes. Don’t ask me what colors-I can never remember. But last summer we made our first trip to the Homer Laughlin Co.More

Motorhome Makeover-Final Eviction Notice

Dear Tenants,

There comes a time when my mid-western manners are exhausted. That time is now. You have been living rent -free in our RV for 7 years undisturbed. This past January we made it abundantly clear to you that the time to leave was far past. Your damage was accessed and we listed all … More

The Wheel Man

Hi there! It has been a spell since I have shared anything new. We have been busy. I have been learning to weave, and the Piper has been learning to spin wool into yarn!


He studied all suggestions online. He tried a friend’s wheel at our spinning and weaving guild. He even got the antique … More

Everything Topping



We lived in New York State for 29 years. We have only been back in Ohio for 7 years. There are things about NY that I miss every single day, even though my heart resides here in the Midwest.

  1. My NY friends.
  2. Pizza
  3. Hard Rolls
  4. Bagels with Everything Topping

That’s the list. Facebook helps … More

White Out, Resulting in a Black Out


Monday night’s snowstorm resulted in 6-8 inches of very heavy,wet snow. Tuesday morning it was bright and oh so beautiful, and the trees were laden with the thick snow. Then the winds picked up a might. And the power went down-for 47 hours. Two days-not so bad. Two nights-split decision. The first night was fine … More

Motor Home Makeover-Design Decisions

Decisions, decisions! When you get to make over an entire room or in this case-an entire motor home, it is always good to have a plan. My mother’s idea of a good design included blue carpet, blue upholstery, blue shades, blue window treatments, blue towels etc.  I wasn’t sure what my idea would be- so … More

Motor Home Makeover-Let the Demo Begin!


I guess you can see why the carpet needs to go. But what, you may ask is wrong with that short queen sized mattress that is going to be a bit pricey to replace?



Yes, mice do cause damage by chewing, but in this case they chewed a hole in the mattress and raised … More

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