We were deeply disappointed earlier this week when the hatchery called and said they would not be able to provide us with the peeps we had ordered 3 months previously. We had planned a field trip to the hatchery! We decided that we would take a look at what the local feed stores had to offer. Jackpot! We found some week old Black Australorps,  3 week old Buff Orpintons, 3 week old Brahmas and ding-ding-ding-Bronze Breasted Turkeys! Three of each came home with us. Here is our brooder set up:

Forgive the spooky red heat lamp. Poults-that is the new word in our vocabulary. Baby turkeys are called poults. They are in the upper right nook. We know very little about keeping turkeys, so we are reading every bit of information available on the internet. Some folks say you CAN raise them with chickens-any experts out there? They are much more people oriented than any chick I have ever raised. They hop right onto your hand when you open the cage! DD2 has named them Larry, Curley and Moe. The Piper has named them Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.  Stay tuned!





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