Texas, 1973
Texas, 1973


If you have just climbed out from under a rock, today is Veteran’s Day. It is the day we all should remember those of the Armed Forces and be thankful for their service. It hasn’t always been such a big deal. Some of you will argue with me, but that is the truth. Between Korea and the Gulf, there was a time that it was not to your advantage to mention your time in service. It used to be that Vietnam Veterans were not even allowed in the VFW. You can holler all ya want-that was the truth. Vietnam was not a “real war” it was a “police action”.


Often you will hear a distinction between “combat veterans” and “veterans”. Let’s not let that become a habit. Every single person who raises their right hand and swears to defend your Constitution is worthy of your respect. Remember that. They all, every one of them, knew that they were swearing to defend your freedoms with their lives. Remember that.  Even if they drove trucks, worked the mess, or pushed a pencil. They are deserving of your honor. Remember that.


On a lighter note, that stud muffin up there in the picture rocking the aviator glasses, that is the Piper many years ago.  Loved him then, and I love him now. His family on his mother’s side has a coat of arms and such that they attribute to their Scottish ancestry. Their motto is “Always Ready”, and the family has a history of proud military service. The Piper has been the only Airman that I know of. And even though his 6 years of active service were a long time ago, he maintains his readiness.

Say an extra prayer today for the men and women in service and their families. Remember that.

“Always Ready”, Out Here in the Pasture.

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