[whohit]Our SHTF[/whohit]

Anyone who is at all familiar with the prepper/survivalist culture recognizes SHTF(“Stuff” Hits the Fan). While they usually are referring to a world shattering scenario, our “fan” turned out to be  forced early retirement. We planned for retirement,positioned ourselves for it and expected it in 2-5 years. You know what they say “If you want to make the gods laugh-show them the plan”. In February of 2014, the call came into Sgt Piper’s home office-he no longer had a place in the corporate structure,”There has been a resource action-and you have been hit.” Huh? We still have a mortgage…and a credit card bill…and Holy Stuff! The “package” terms were outlined, the learning curve was very steep. Two more pay checks and then-buh bye! Now we had a years health care, a small pension and a battered TDSP, but what are two slightly used 60 year olds to do? Well, first we said “Screw it!” and took a nice looong cruise to Alaska.


Secondly, we brushed up on all the skills we had acquired in 40 years as a married couple. Our early years (spent traveling, courtesy of Sgt. Piper’s stint for the US Air Force) had given us some mad make-do skills, as had making a home in mobile homes and houses that others viewed as impossible hovels. And Mrs. Pickles’ childhood summers were spent with Grandma Olive, who lived to her death in 1993 as though  the Great Depression never lifted. We combed the Internet for tips and strategies that we weren’t familiar with. We could certainly make-do with what we had, if we simplified and lived frugally. Yes, we could have both taken other jobs, but really wanted to see if we could break our contacts with the corporate world and live a life less stressful and more simple.

And last of all, we are starting this blog to remind the world that “Homesteaders” come from all walks of life and that discarding parts of a of modern life can set you free. We will sort through our everyday life and try all the old and new ways to simplify and provide a better life for ourselves and share it all here with you.

Please join us on the journey!



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