Simplify and Retire


Simplify and Retire. That phrase appears in the header to our blog, and it is time that we take that to heart everyday. We have chosen to simplify in order to afford retirement. We have chosen to live on a small fixed income.

I worry about that.

The Piper was offered a way back into corporate life and he declined.

I worry about that.

There! I said it!

Please God, take away my worry!

We like doing things the Simple Life Way.That is not the easiest way. We  no longer trust “the easy way”. We no longer need the easy way-We have time to do things the slow way.  That’s okay. We’re not ready for that beautiful old rocker yet.

We are ready to challenge ourselves, physically and mentally -every day! We don’t need a gym membership, too much TV,or book groups to keep us tuned in and viable.

The Simple Life does that for us.

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