Small Batch Canning-Spicy Pickles


The other day, I gave you the laundry list of all of the things I need to get done. It turns out that the garden is producing one thing-cucumbers. And cucumbers wait for no woman. If you want crisp, tasty pickles you have to can them at their peak-whether you are at your peak-or not. I wanted to share a short cut to home canned pickles. I use Mrs. Wages Spicy Pickles Refrigerator Pickle Mix.

These are probably available at you local grocery store, but I am offering a link to purchase on Amazon. This is kind of cheater’s canning. You don’t have to hot water bath this small batch, they will remain good in your fridge for 6 months! I slice the cukes by hand-I want them a little thick, but not too thick. You mix the spices, the vinegar and the water in a saucepan and heat it up.P7171027The jars are kept hot in the oven, until the cucumbers and the hot liquid are ready to go.P7171028

I cropped out the dirty oven, and likewise I am not showing you the two sinks of dirty dishes and cluttered counters that surround me right now. Hot liquid always go in hot jars-that is a hard and fast canning rule-no matter what. Pouring boiling liquid in a cool jar can cause the jar to break, I know. You also need to handle the jars with a jar lifter or pot holder. I know because I forgot that little piece of info-and had to stop canning long enough to remember which deck the aloe plant got moved to. P7171031

Any way, if you follow the very simple directions on the package you will soon have 4 pints of Spicy Pickles cooling on your counter. The spice mix does include some dried jalapeno peppers, but don’t let that put you off. Mrs. Wages also makes  Kosher Dill, Dill, and Bread and Butter Refrigerator Pickle mixes. Small Batch Canning/No Boil Canning is a very good idea.


PS I did add a small head of fresh dill to each jar ’cause I pilfered my MIL’s garden…

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