Straw Bale Garden #3


Straw Bale Garden
Straw Bale Garden

We are having one wet, wet, summer! The weatherman said that if we didn’t have any more rain in the months of July and August-we would still be above average! And since we have already had 4 more inches as measured by my very own rain gauge since July1st, we are well over the normal.  I was going to whine to you that the straw bale system had let me down, until I spoke to my in laws and a few other home gardeners in the area. I planted lima beans, wax beans, runner beans and bush beans, and only the lima and wax beans germinated! The same thing happened to the other local gardeners, so we think that it was excess moisture that has caused this and the other setbacks that I have encountered this year. The peppers and tomatoes are not having a good year-they both require a bit of heat to get going-and we have had nights in the 50’s! But it has been a great year for onions, lettuce and cukes. Most of the varieties of lettuce have not bolted because of the cool dampness.


Speaking of dampness-we are growing at least five kinds of mushrooms on our bales!


This is a nice shot of an heritage cucumber, but you can also see how the straw bale has biodegraded into a bundle of luscious and black compost, held together by the straw on the outside.Poor Pepper!

This poor pepper is not doing so well, I have added organic fertilizer and some Epsom salts and it still looks under the weather. Edible Flowers

However, elsewhere in the garden all sorts of riotous behavior is going on!

tomato cage

If you can’t make sense of this picture, you are actually looking through my front room-with my tomato plant and my lemon tree in front! These two are doing great. I think that this tomato-off by itself in a pot-with plenty of open space around it is doing much better than the others with their black spotted yellow leaves!

So there is my report on the garden status, we still eat copious amounts of lettuce, kale, chard, herbs, onions, carrots and edible flowers. But…..But you still can’t wait for that first vine-ripened tomato!

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