That Siren Called Fiber


I was just minding my business one day when I heard a small and enticing voice. Very quiet but very compelling. The Piper’s Uncle had given us an interesting old rug loom and an antique spinning wheel. I loved them on sight.


These rugs here were made by the Piper’s Aunt Dot who is married to Uncle Harve. Uncle Harve is the talent that brought these old wooden items back to life. The Piper’s family has a history of creating lovely woven goods, hooked rugs and giant and colorful wool braided rugs. The beautiful hooked rug at the beginning, there, was made by his maternal grandmother and framed by his grand dad.

Then one day we received a four harness loom from the family. A mischievous little hand made beauty.


The arrival of this little gem brought the siren’s call to full volume.

Mrs Pickles-don’t you want to know all the mysteries that this little loom holds? Imagine sitting before  this loom and creating beauty accompanied by the rhythm and clack of the heddles and the swish of the shuttle as it sails through the shed.

See that? I was caught. Now I want to know what each piece of this loom can do. I even hear another voice, this one very creaky and raspy-it’s that little spinning wheel that wants to know if I want to  come and play with her too. ….Yeah I do.

See? That is the siren’s call. Luring me into the depths of where yarn and cloth come from. I always declared that I was perfectly happy to paddle on the surface and  purchase yarn from artisans who knew their way around a spinning wheel and a row of dye pots. I loved finding a small towel at a yard sale that someone had woven by hand. All that has changed now. I am learning to weave.

Now there are baskets of yarn and fibers.


And containers of mysterious tools and gadgets.

So my friends, if you don’t hear from me as often during the winter’s turn of the year, I am probably playing with the fiber. There is snow on the pasture, but it is warm inside and it is getting even cozier as I learn my new skill for 2016.

Those darned crafty Sirens.

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