The Birthday Gift

If you have been following us this year at Out to Pasture, you know that I have a sick need to organize, and a problem keeping things neat. Those two things should not go together, but I think that the fact that I let stuff pile up-then need to organize it -that right there is the problem-it isĀ  a big cycle-mess it up then organize it. Anyway, you know I have been on Pinterest in my spare time-we all are! But I kept noticing this cute little roll around cart that everyone was using in their sewing rooms, their studios, their craft rooms etc. It is the turquoise Raskog cart from IKEA. I told the Piper that I needed one for my birthday, because I was going to clean up my studio (Sucker!). Anyway I finagled a trip to the big city (Pittsburgh) where we would go to IKEA, Hobby Lobby and Home Goods-some of my very favorite places on earth! Of course, the Piper likes the big liquor store and GuitarĀ  World. We also had to have a seafood dinner for my celebration.


Ladies, if you want to know if you are married to the right man, I’m gonna tell you how, right now. The Piper took one look at the little cart I had been coveting, and said just two words: “Just one?”


So, the love of my life bought me two, and put them together. I am in OCD heaven!

At least I didn’t ask for more chickens, or some of those cute little Nigerian goats-but ahhh-Christmas is coming, and I have been a very good girl!

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