The Horses are OUT!!!


Jonesie & Zypher
Jonesie & Zypher

I don’t believe we have introduced you to –THE BOYS. Gentleman Jones is an eleven year old off the track thoroughbred and six year old  Zypher is a Curlie. Their only job on the homestead is to look pretty-AND STAY IN THEIR PADDOCK! They failed miserably at that second job this week.

I was poking around the kitchen last Thursday morning. I was preparing to steam can a five pound batch of chickpeas that I got at the Amazon sale in July. (I know every one else was buying wide-screen TVs, I bought 5lbs of chick peas. Stop judging-read the story.) I was in my comfy old t-shirt nighty when the phone rang. It was our neighbor calling to tell me that our horses just came through her back yard. First things first- I scream (in my best prize winning husband-calling voice) “The horses are out!” Then to the poor neighbor I say: “Gotta go-I have no underpants on”, which makes perfect sense to me-one cannot chase down wily beasts going commando on a steamy summer morning. Well, maybe if you are a crazy Scotsman. No racial slur intended, I bred with one.


This guy, right here, was the culprit. Someone leaned against the gate until the chain BROKE, then proceeded to nudge it open-and skedaddle!  Jonesie only went along because he is a big Thoroughbred fraidy cat, and can’t stay all alone by himself. We don’t know how long they were out, but thank the Good Lord they did not get out on the  main road where the sandhaulers and the fracking fluid trucks barrel around the blind bend over the speed limit.


The neighbor lady successfully chased their equine butts back into our drive, where they got a scolding and grain from the Piper-that old softy. The horses have only escaped a handful of times. Most horse owners know that unless you used barbed wire or really heavy duty fencing, horses only stay home because you feed them. But that Zypher has also lifted the gates off their hinges and leaped over a tree fallen on the fence. Like I say, Jonesie just runs because he is following the leader-he has no malice in his giant heart. So, should you someday be cruising the back country roads and come across these two characters-call me-I’ll put my underpants on.




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