The Hunt is On-Magical Morels


It’s that special time of year-Magical Morel Mushrooms will soon be popping up out here in Ohio. These photos are from a few years ago-a really good year for the Hunt. Our season is a little later than some, as we are down in the hollows at the western end of the Appalachian Mountains. The first week in May is about as early as we have found this elusive being. I will refer you to Mother Earth’s A Guide to Hunting for Morels for specifics on identifying and finding the correct ‘shrooms, and just talk about how much fun and how difficult the Hunt can be.

It’s a good time of year to be out in the woods, not too hot, not too cold, not too buggy, and not too snakey. You know what I mean, I allow that snakes form a very important link in the chain of the natural world, however I prefer to admire them from a good distance-not find them wrapped around my ankle….The Hunt takes few tools-a sharp eye and a mesh sack.  The type of sack is important. A mesh sack will allow the harvested morels to continue dropping spores as you sally through the woods-it’s only sporting. You fool yourself into thinking you have this wily  quarry figured out-last year they were grouped around the dead ash trees and on the edges of the woods-this year is guaranteed to be different. Thus the excitement of the Hunt.


I am not the biggest fan or Morels, but in trying to live a seasonal and intentional life, I eat them a couple times a year, usually battered and fried or with scrambled eggs. We have dried the mushroom for winter soups also. Even if you are not a Mushroom Crazed Hobbit-get out in the woods and enjoy!

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