The Tale of 12 Lemons

Out To Pasture
Out To Pasture

There was a sale table at the green grocers. A large bag of lemons for 99 cents! How could an old housewife pass up an opportunity like that?

We brought the bag of lemons home and Sgt. Piper (that scoundrel!) absconded with a few lemons for his batch of summer beer! I had great plans for the rest of the lemons. I had come across a recipe to make Spingtime Limoncella from Nourished Kitchens. Follow that link for the recipe. I removed the zest from the remaining lemons and tossed them in a pretty purple Ball jar with some vodka. Those are still marinating.

Now I had 10 whole lemons left-with no zest. So I juiced them and froze the juice in the Ball Frozen Herb Starters Trays. These make 1/4 cup measurements of lemon juice-in ice cubes. I have already used a cube of lemon juice in a batch of Vanilla Strawberry Syrup that I canned last week.

So now I was down to the zested and juiced, mostly pith -half lemons. Every one says to clean your garbage disposal with the leftover lemons-but I think there is one more life for them to live-lemon cleaner. I popped the remaining lemon parts in a Ball jar and filled it up with white vinegar- the Goddess of the Kitchen. I will strain the scented vinegar off and mix it with some water in a spray bottle,and use it to clean my kitchen counters-then I will grind up the leftover lemon parts to clean my garbage disposal. Talk about your “using it up” ! We got summer beer, limoncella, lemon juice, lemon cleaner , and garbage disposal freshener all out of a 99 cent bag of lemons!




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