The Wheel Man

Hi there! It has been a spell since I have shared anything new. We have been busy. I have been learning to weave, and the Piper has been learning to spin wool into yarn!


He studied all suggestions online. He tried a friend’s wheel at our spinning and weaving guild. He even got the antique spinning wheel refurbished and spun a tiny bit on it. Then he picked his wheel-a Kromski Fantasia. I think that the male of the species cannot resist anything that has gears and spins around.


And he put it together and tuned it up.


And he is practicing every day. He says he is creating “artisan” yarn. A nice phrase for some really uneven funky looking stuff. And the birds appreciate it , as we have offered it to them on the deck, and they are “feathering” their nests with it. But every day he gets better. Our friend warned that I could use this yarn for weaving, but might want to wait a bit until he is producing¬† a more evenly sized yarn for knitting. Many fiber related endeavors have been popular with men in the past times. The Piper says I spend so darned much on yarn-he might as well start making me some.

This fiber lovin’ is very contagious. It keeps you from chores and laundry. We are getting the occasional nice spring day-paid for by three more blustery days. We really can’t paint or tile or lay down flooring in the motor home until the temperatures even out. But it is warm inside and you can sit in the sun and spin-Out in the Pasture.

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